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    Grand Comfort represents interests of a famous European company Guest Comfort Oy Ab (www.guestcomfort.com) on the Russian market. The company specializes in supplying hotels and resorts with the necessary guest amenities and equipment. For years Grand Comfort distributes goods of the European companies as Elite (Italy, www.elitesrl.com ), Corby (Great Britain, www.corbypress.com ), Hanse Tekstile (Germany, pillows, duvets), Stark (Italy, safes), Vitrifrigo (Italy, minibars), Lissadell (Ireland), DOST (Turkey), Unituli Oy (Finnland, mattress factory), LeDaphine (France, lamps).

The company unites a chain of the Russian based companies which have a single mechanism of purchasing, deliveries and marketing. The deliveries in Russia take place from warehouses in Moscow and Saints-Petersburg. The company established in 1993 and has been engaged  in working with guest amenities since 1995.

The sphere of business

The foundation of the company lies in the selling of guest amenities vital to improve the service for guests and tourists staying in hotels, guesthouses and hostels, those who come to improve their health at the resorts, and those travelling on different river and sea cruises and flying on airlines. Goods for the individual use can have either the standard  brand of French Flowers, Amenitique, Barclay Woodroffe and Sensitive Care or can be produced with the logotype requested by a client. Our assortment is wide enough and came to include the products from Russian manufacturers as well as from the world wide European companies. We offer the terry products from Russian companies and from well known Ireland company Lissadell. Wall fitted hair dryers come from Elite in Italy while the ironing trouser presses come from the English company Corby, which has been on the market with its products over half of a century supplying enjoying its good reputation all over the world. Our mini-bars, housekeeping trolleys and other accessories also come from the well established European companies.


The products are produced on the factories in Finland, England, Ireland, Italy, Hong Kong, Thailand and Russia. The products like soap, liquids, terry towels, electric drying machines and service trolleys are manufactured in Europe, while accompanying plastic products are produced in Far East. Apart from Guest Comfort, companies like Lissadell (Ireland), Elite (Italy) take part in the production process. The factory Peter Pack in Saints-Petersburg was purposely set up in order to produce the pre-packed soap and liquids in small units.

Quality of products

The quality of the products is proved by the Russian certificate ROSTEST. Soap, shampoo, gel and lotion are accompanied by certificates of the international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients (INCI).

Business geography

Our clients are widespread across Russia from Kaliningrad on the west and Murmansk on the north till Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski on the east and Grand Sochi on the south. Our permanent clients are hotels in Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

We have our permanent customers among the best hotels in Russia and Europe like Raddisson-Slavyanskaya, Metropol, and National in Moscow and Astoria, D’Angleterre and Pribaltiskaya in Sankt-Petersburg. There are about 1000 names of different hotels, guesthouses and others with whom Grand Comfort was working over the years in this area of business.

Business development

The number of our clients grows constantly. We have an expanding interest from small Russian hotels wishing to improve their service. At the beginning we had to teach hotel’s management that such products are very important and necessary for their hotels. Frequently undertaken market research helps us to supply the market with the necessary products. The company has taught dozen salesman who work individually or who have set up their own companies yet still working in the same area of increasing market of hotel services.

At the same time the stabilizing state of the Russian economy encourages the development of tourism as well as the building of the new and reconstruction of the old hotels, all of which helps our objective to improve the quality of service up to the European standard.


The company goal is to be leader in the Russian market (“be first”) and to cover 70% of market. Our ambition is to the building of commercial organization with the view of leadership in its segment – hotel products – at the same time to remain effective, stable and profitable.

The company main feature is to remain stable and dynamic, to keep serious, business-like attitude towards any customer, to put more efforts in order to satisfy our clients despite time pressure. At the same time it’s important to educate clients for the use of products of the highest quality, which will benefit them in the long term.

The company and its staff are proud of ever expanding assortment of the guest products available for our clients.

The company tries to provide a constant supply of the most demanding product assortment in the warehouses in order to reduce the time of delivery for the clients. We pay a special attention to logistics to provide the delivery in agreed time.

Moscow:   +7 (495) 221-34-10, info@grandcomfort.ru
St.-Petersburg: +7 (812) 333-29-92, info@grandcomfort.spb.su
Sochi: +7-918-907-74-72, sochi@grandcomfort.ru
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